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UX Cards in the UX Agency UX Meetup

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because your ideas will become reality!

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Our mission is to make your customers love you through design!

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"Making UX Design the number one reason why a company or one of its solutions becomes successful or not" was my main motivation when I founded Designbeam UG (haftungsbeschr├Ąnkt) in 2020. That has not changed till today because we design happiness into people's lives by creating products, softwares and services they enjoy using.

Christopher Wittmann


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Every business has these minor design tasks that are relevant from time to time, but getting a new offer always again is time consuming. Therefore we designed our concept UX Points. You receive new UX Points on a monthly basis and can exchange them into different design- and IT-services only when you have the need for it!


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Start your UX Focus Analysis

Start your UX Focus Analysis

With only very few but also very specific questions we will be able to tell you for free which priorities are the most important ones for your project and based on that the approach to the project can follow specific guidelines created and evaluated by us!


What is User Experience Design and why do you need it?

User Experience Design is creating a solution that users rather want to have than being without it. And this is also why you need it because we design a product, software or service that your users and customers will love.

How can UX Design make your brand stand out?

Creating a product, software or service is quite easy nowadays, but creating a solution that people really love is very hard and this is what UX Design is about. Due to our approach we will make your brand stand out from the competition.

What is the UX workflow?

In the beginning of our workflow we will do a detailed analysis to find the real needs, wishes and expectations of your users before we enter the prototyping phase where we steadily increase the joy that users have with your new product, software or service. Once the overall concept was optimised we move on to the visual design before we start the final and clean implementation.

How can you profit from user centered design?

Satisfied users and customers will be returning users and customers. Therefore you will instantly profit from an increased user experience which is the end result of a properly executed user centered design process.