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Our UX Focus Analysis

The reason for failing projects is a wrong or missing analysis in the beginning. We save you from this even before the project begins with our UX Agency Focus Analysis. After doing the analysis you will know where the correct focus for your project is and once you are convinced we will be the ones doing the project for you!

the ux agencyfocus analysis

For every project there are priorities that must be taken into account from the very beginning on. Our UX Agency Focus Analysis is the easies way to set priorities correctly. Thanks to that we as the UX Agency and you as our client know each others expectations regarding the project. The target will be sharpened significantly within minutes.

The analysis has 14 questions which have all on mission in mind: We design happiness into people's lives! And in this case we do it by finishing projects successfully for our clients.

based on more than 24 projects

The analysis is based on many projects that we have worked on in the past and were published by our clients over the last years. These projects included innovative solutions, products with a high usability, softwares based many features and services with a small budget.

In the end every project was successful and the learnings went into this analysis and make the prioritisation and communication between us and you better than ever before!

easy prioritisation and project planning

Budget, Innovation, Features, Usability and Branding are the main factors that are take into consideration during this analysis. All questions have one thing in mind: How can these project factors be sorted properly so the actual wishes and needs are fulfilled?

After about 3.5 Minutes you will know how these factors are prioritised and we will give you detailed information on how you should handle that ranking. If you want to have further details you can of course also contact us and we will give you an even more precise evaluation.