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We place a statement with your brand at your customers!

Every company and brand needs a positioning and a big sector of on the market. With our communication via fonts, videography, photography and other digital media like websites, apps and similar elements, we will help you to specifically address your target group. It is possible that way that your product, software or service is brought out to your wished target group.

Branding from Ingolstadt

By communicating the values of a company (in our case the value is happiness) it is possible to establish a brand. The values must be communicated and promoted proactively via all channels.

Storytelling as the center of communication

In all areas of communication the storytelling is the foundation for the visual design and copywriting. The story a business tells, is the foundation for the entire remaining media and channels. What constitutes a company? Which values should be communicated? Questions like that will be asked and answered by storytelling.

Individual Logo Design from Ingolstadt

The logo - maybe the most important element of the branding or a brand. The Logo of a business can be seen always and everywhere. On any social media post, poster, website and any other digital and analogue presentation of a business the logo will be present.

It is especially important to us that the logo represents the values of the company. Additionally it should attract attention and it must be memorable for the viewer.

Fonts, Colors & Wording

A good brand consists of more elements than a good logo and storytelling. The fonts, colors and the wording of a brand are permanently marked into the users' and customers' brains. That's why we will also make correct choices for you here and will find the best fonts, colors and a foundation of nice words for your brand.

Awesome webdesign is key for good online marketing

Even though other elements like Social Media Marketing are becoming more and more important, the crux of the matter of every company is still the own website. In the end most customers will end on the website where they can purchase products or other services.

Due to that we will use all previously created elements like the logo, the selected fonts, colors and much more for your website and will create stunning designs which we will implement for you exclusively.

Social Media Marketing

One of the modern approaches to digital marketing is social media marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube are being used to create a wide range of (potential) clients. Generally spoken there are two different approaches.

The first approach is to focus on the established community and sell more products to previous clients. The other approach is to use paid advertisements which will be shown to potential new customers, which are not yet following your business on social media, but fulfilling specified criteria of your target group.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO-Marketing)

It is always a good way to generate new customers when you are being found on search engines like Google easily. When talking about search engine optimisation (SEO) it is all about the correct texts and the right keywords. By doing a detailed analysis it is easily possible to achieve a good ranking for multiple keywords.

Generally spoken search engine optimisation can be divided into two categories.

Local search engine optimisation

The first area is the local search engine optimisation which is especially important for local shops, stores, restaurants and many more businesses. The goal is to be in a good position on search engines for local search requests. For us it is e.g. important to be listet well for the search term "Werbeagentur Ingolstadt" for local search requests, since we are working a lot with local clients and they can find us more easily that way.

Global Search Engine Optimisation

For global search engine requests the optimisation process is similar. The big difference is, however, that the search terms are completely different. "What does an advertising agency?" is a question that has nothing to do with local search engine optimisation. Therefore a local SEO is not sensible in this case. The global search engine optimisation is way more important in that case. And this optimisation requires different tools and approaches.

The correct media is essential for a good communication!

Photo- and Videography

A picture says more than a thousand words. Due to that photos and videos are an essential part of all present and modern websites. Fotoshootings and the following photo editing process are fundamental for a successful branding. Images communicate a feeling and a certain mood. Therefore it is possible to communicate with the users and actively strengthen the storytelling of you brand.

Videos and movies are even better for this since every movie and vide can communicate even more information compared with a single photo.


Creating stunning texts is an art itself. The texts must be attractive to the users and the customers (which are not necessarily the same person). The texts, however, also have to be search engine friendly. Every text hast to trigger the reader emotionally and must be able to sell the product, software or service of your business.

May we as an advertising agency create your new brand?

With joy we would love to create your new brand or rebrand any existing brand or simply support you with the marketing of an established brand.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the digital area and our expertise for analogue solutions we are the perfect partner for your plans! Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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