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The UX Agency as your Top-Agency

For you we, the UX Agency, are a leading agency of the city when thinking about the topics design and software development.

More than 10 years of experience!

At the age of only 14 Christopher Wittmann, the owner of the UX Agency, started developing some first applications and published them on the PlayStore. Only two years later he decided to sell some first websites to clients.

We are your competent contact!

Besides his bachelor studies in UX design, Christopher gained lots of competences in the automotive sector by doing internships and similar jobs. After his bachelor studies he decided to establish the UX Agency and lead it besides his master studies.

Over the last ten years he consistently added up on his portfolio, which is exactly why the UX Agency has such a wide service range in the fields of design and software engineering.

Everything for your brand

As a branding agency we create new brands from ground. Throughout our creative design processes we create new brands which define themselves by a unique design and recognisable communication elements. Our goal as a branding agency is that your customers can capture your business quickly and will remember it over a long time in their mind.

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Simple and usable products and software

UX Design absolutely no foreign word to us. UX Design is a lifestyle that we actively live in the UX Agency. We are not satisfied as long as the users of our software or product are not happy.

This is also where our slogan comes from: "We design happiness into peoples' lives!". Through UX Design it is possible to design products, softwares and services in a way that the people will find joy in using them. This is what we are working for! UX Design is our strength - the creation of innovative solutions which bring joy to the people.

Our videos, photographs and graphics stimulate!

As a media agency we are not only creating astonishing videos and images - also graphic design is a strength of us.

No matter if it is for a digital or an analogue solution. Images, videos and illustrations are a good possibility to increase the liveliness of a product, software or service massively. That's why we also support you in this field with joy, skill and lots of experience!

Search Engine Optimisation for new leads!

How did you get aware of us? Did you find us with a search engine? The chances are really high because also this aspect of the digital world is part of our skillset.

Not only local search engine optimisation is a strength of us - also the globals optimisation. There are two different approaches for the different kinds to optimisation and we are able to support you with both SEOs.

Software engineering at world class level!

For the World Wide Web many website kits exist so everyone is able to build some basic websites easily and quickly. We go many steps further. Configurators, analysis tools and other complex relations are absolutely no problem to us. We can easily create you any software that you would like to have with our CMS. The entire website or web app will be developed and adapted to your wishes and needs.

Once we have finished the concept, the visual design and the branding, we will move on to the source codes for you website, web app or native app. These codes will be developed by us so we have everything under control for you that is happening on your digital solution.

UX Pointsfor all purposes

Our UX points are for all clients a good choice. You can see them as a unique currency. Every month your UX Points business account will receive an upgrade. You can use the included UX Points either directly for our services or you collect them and will use them at a later point of time.

Here you can find a short summary of the process:

Get UX Points monthly

Every month you receive UX Points in the form of a UX Points upgrade for your business account.

Use UX Points flexibly

At any point of time you can use you UX Points for many of our services. Just the way you need them!

We are very happy to support you whilst finding out how many UX Points are ideal for you. You can switch the UX Points for multiple (repeating) services - flyers, brochures, website maintenance and a lot more.

The lovely thing about the UX Points is that the free UX Points App is included. In this app you can see all Upgrades from the past and all usages of your UX Points. Also all files, that we created for you, are available as a download in our UX Points App.

More about the UX Points

Created with joy by us:


Christopher Wittmann

Founder and Owner


Sabrina Schmidt


Published on: 08.11.2022 | Last time updated: 14.11.2022