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Officially established in 2020

The history of the UX Agency goes back to the year 2011 - even though it was not officially founded until the year 2020. In 2011, the founder of UX Agency Ingolstadt, Christopher Wittmann, designed, programmed and published his first apps and websites.

Constant stream of new customers and more projects

Thanks to our good and professional work in all aspects, we consistently receive new customers while the amount of loyal customers also keeps increasing!

International experiences & projects

In 2022 we officially started our first international project. We were approached by a new client from Paraguay who needed an online presence with additional marketing services.

Always open to new experiences

To us, as the UX Agency, new business fields are not a rarity. Thankful we take projects in new business areas, since we add up to our professional knowledge over and over again.

Due to that we are part of the leading advertising- and design-agencies in town. We will take new challenges and will offer you a full package with professional consultation and complete services.

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The best equipment

Our unique approach can also be experiences by our employees. All workplaces at the UX Agency are equipped so well as only few competitors do it.

49 inch monitor

To do our work as efficiently as possible we put on a 49 inch screen on every desk. That way we can keep the overview on our work and are able to work as efficiently as only very few can.

MacOS for best designs

Some design software that makes work as a designer way easier is only available for MacOS. That's why we are primarily working with this operating system - to deliver you the best designs!

Lots of more equipment

No matter which request you send to us, with a very high probability we will have the correct equipment for this job already. Whether it is about cameras, drones, drawing tablets or simply a 3D printer - we can and will offer you all of it!

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Most creative employees

The competences of our employees do not only contain strength in design and software engineering - we are also very good in finding out about our strengths and personal weaknesses.

Some of our employees are extraordinary good in visual designs and create stunning designs in only a very short amount of time. That's why we will let these employees work in the kreative design field for you. All employees have their individual strengths and we will focus on exactly those.

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Christopher Wittmann

Founder and Owner


Sabrina Schmidt


Published on: 09.11.2022 | Last time updated: 15.11.2022