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The UX Agency in Ingolstadt

A space where you can feel comfortable! The mission of our new office is that you can come in and feel instantly as if you were at home! Besides our three working desks we introduced multiple areas where we can meet with you: UX Meetup, UX Lounge and UX Living Room.

Get to know our office in Ingolstadt and begin your journey through our UX Agency!

The UX Meetup

The first area you will look at is our UX Meetup area. This is the place where we have our client meetings and we have our breakfast, lunch or dinner. We placed this space directly behind our window front so you can experience our open-minded space already from the outside. But of course we took care of your privacy also!

The moment you are in the UX Meetup area you will see that the window front was designed in a way that no-one can see inside towards the UX Meetup area. Due to that we can easily take care of your privacy!

This area is also the only one where we will have some special decoration. The entire UX Agency was designed for efficiency and productivity, but in the UX Meetup area we want to give you a warm welcome matching to any season. Curious? Come and experience our changing decoration!

UX Meetup Impressions

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UX Lounge

For some more relaxed meetings we will invite you to the UX Lounge, with our two comfortable chairs. This is also the location where our music entertainment is played to make your stay an experience.

To bring our office to life, we decided that we need some plants especially in the UX Lounge. They also separate the UX Lounge from the entire rest of the office. Our qualification certificates are also placed on the wall in our UX Lounge, to give it an individual look.

UX Lounge Impressions

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UX Living Room

For more private meetings - especially, when we will talk about sensitive information, like budgets - we can move into the back of our UX Agency where we have furnished the UX Living Room.

Once you are here you will experience a comfortable couch with our nice tables in front of it, so we can talk about everything that might become relevant to your project. In the back of the couch, you will find our code of conduct with its paragraphs.

UX Living Room Impressions

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