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Hero Image New Webpage is online!

New Webpage is online!

After one year in business we have been able to create lots of references and make many clients very happy. Furthermore, we created our new label UX Packers®.

Therefore it was necessary to rethink our web-presence. Not only for UX Globals, but also for our platforms, like UX Wiki, UX Campus and UX TV and our UX Agency site.

More project insights

To give you as a client a more detailed insight into our previous projects and work, we created a separated section for some of our finished projects.

Read about the tasks we had to do, watch videos of some projects and find reviews we received on Google from our clients after finishing the reference. And much more is available now!

UX Agency opening

The times when Christopher Wittmann worked alone from home are over from now on! The new office in Ingolstadt (M├╝nzbergstra├če 8) gives the entire work a new atmosphere and brings a big change into the company.

Not working alone from home anymore, but together with the whole team is a success and we achieved one of our business goals. Also, it is the opportunity to meet with our clients in person in the UX Agency, and this is amazing.

SEO is working out great

After working hard for more than one year now, we have managed to be listed in first place on Google! But we won't stop here. We will keep on pushing and want to show you even more what we are able to do and how we can and will improve your business's success!

"Take care of your clients, and your clients will take care of you" is one of our motivations and we transferred this to our new website and our new office in Ingolstadt!