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Hero Image Our clients are getting noticed!

Our clients are getting noticed!

The other day Sabrina was looking through the local newspapers "Donaukurier" and made Christopher aware of it, when she realised that she knows this logo. The logo from "Pflegedienst Irina Jakobi"! This is one of our branding projects which (like all others) turned out to be successful. Irina Jakobi made it to the local newspapers with her new care service.

Branding, Logo Design and Story Telling

The reason why this logo and branding in general are working out perfectly, is because the colors match each other very well. The combination of the red, blue and gold are an eye-catcher and at the same time so harmonic that it is simple nice to look at. The leaves in a wave-like shape give the clients a good and calm feeling which is all something that the care service from Irina Jakobi stands for.

Irina Jakobi's name is also the root of the plant. They give their clients strength and motivation. Therefore we decided to make their name the root of the image part of the logo.

Having a good story around the branding and logo design is a necessity to make it successful. And as you can see, our clients love being present in the newspapers with the work we have done for them. Don't hesitate: Get in touch with us and we will make you as happy as all our other clients!

Created with joy by us:


Christopher Wittmann

Founder and Owner


Sabrina Schmidt


Published on: 21.02.2022 | Last time updated: 13.09.2022