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Hero Image The UX Agency goes Paraguay

The UX Agency goes Paraguay

Since today the UX Agency has its first international deal closed. The website that needs to be designed and developed is primarily for the German and European market. That's why the client from Paraguay only considered an agency located in Germany and decided to work with ux, the UX Agency - since we were able to impress and we are looking forward to starting our first international project!

Webdesign from Ingolstadt

Like with all previous projects we will be working on this project also in our UX Agency in Ingolstadt. The webdesign will be created individually for our client in Paraguay. The process which we will follow is the same like with all previous webdesign projects.

Our process is optimised into every tiny detail to create the best results possible for our clients. In the beginning we create a prototype-like concept which only shows the structure of the site and no visual design at all. Parallel to that we are creating designbeams which are a single representative graphic that shows the look and feel of the website. One of the design beams will be the foundation for the final webdesign. The last step of the design phase is to combine the concept with the selected Designbeam and create a screendesign that will then be developed later.

Webdevelopment from Ingolstadt

Our own websites and the ones of our clients are all being developed individually. We use a CMS that delivers maximum flexibility whilst having the highest individuality and quality for our clients. Only that way ideal results can be guaranteed and this is why all our clients are more than happy with our webdevelopment!

Special aspects

This project is special since it is our first international project. Paraguay is more than 10.000 kilometres away from the UX Agency. Due to that we will work remotely only with our new client - but aspects like that make out work even more interesting.

Also the fact that the website has to be multi-lingual was never relevant with previous projects so far. Currently we are only starting with this project but we are looking forward to publish gin another successful project!

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Christopher Wittmann

Founder and Owner


Sabrina Schmidt


Published on: 22.07.2022 | Last time updated: 13.09.2022