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Hero Image UX Agency at Katharinen-Gymnasium Ingolstadt

UX Agency at Katharinen-Gymnasium Ingolstadt

Supporting others and giving back to society, plays an important role for us at the UX Agency. Therefore we have decided to cooperate again with the Katharinen-Gymnasium Ingolstadt. After supporting them with their substitution plan app, their new website in 2017 and working together with them for the Audio Guide for the Münster (a church in the city centre), the school approached us again and now we are doing the next project together.

The fundamentals of UX Design

The first two lessons that we did together with the school class were purely focused on UX Design. In the first lesson we focused on the problem that we are tackling with our project. We were brainstorming together with multiple techniques that Christopher Wittmann introduced to the pupils. At the end of the lesson much information was collected and the UX Agency narrowed all of that down to one very specific problem.

This defined problem was then the foundation for the second lesson, where the pupils focused on creating a solution. Small groups were creating different ideas that we discussed then in a bigger group. Now it is time to decide which idea will be the one we will develop.

Of course we will keep you updated on this project!

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Published on: 31.01.2022 | Last time updated: 13.09.2022