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This project was a real UX Design project to us. We began in the beginning by doing the research about the users' requirements and moved on through the UX workflow then. We did our first wireframes, evaluated those, did our Designbeams to create some first design ideas. And then we moved on to the webdesign and web development.


Like every design project we began with the Designbeams to show our clients some first design directions that are possible for the branding and the platform itself. Once we had selected on of the Designbeams it was time to get started with combining the wireframes with a visual design - the webdesign.


Besides creating a webdesign for our client we obviously also worked on the overall branding for the website. It was our job to create a color scheme and do a logo design.

Logo design

To us every logo needs to tell a story. Therefore we combined multiple elements of the business and placed it inside the logo. The two mountains represent the name of the location of the business. The city is called "Höchberg". We wanted to present the geographical roots inside the logo.

Then we through about the name "FragRegional" and decided to use the first letter F and rotated it slightly to the right. That made the F create two mountains. Also we gave the bottom part of the F a different color which makes it a small r. And that is the first letter of the second word in the brand's name. Based on all that we have put lots of information in that single logo.


As the overall concept of the platform is relatively complex we chose our best CMS (content-management-system) again and implemented all of the platform ourselves. That gives our clients and us the biggest flexibility for creating proper solutions while making the content management as easy as possible.

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