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ergopanel Mediencenter

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The idea

As a long term client of us - not only for designs, but also for software development - ergopanel AG was in need of a mediacenter. An internal platform and for retailers only.

With this tool they wanted to make all assets they have available for retailers, as a download, but also as a platform where retailers can send a request to ergopanel so they will send information material to them.

Analysis & Webdesign

Before we were able to begin with the implementation and visual design we obviously had to understand what the requirements are and what ergopanel's retailers really need in the mediacenter. Therefore, we interviewed multiple people on the different requirements.

Once we knew what these were, we were able to start with the concept of the platform and after that we created the visual design.


With this tool it was a challenge to give ergopanel as much freedom as possible to change contents the way they need it, while making it as uncomplex as somehow possible for them to administrate the tool. Our CMS was - like always - the correct choice, as they can edit the contents however they need them, whilst not being afraid of crashing the platform, like it is with other CMS solutions out there.

Mediencenter impressions