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ergopanel Produktbrosch├╝re

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The requirements

The brochure we designed for ergopanel had some requirements that we needed to think of before. The main requirement were the contents, that had to be part of the brochure. Ergopanel offers multiple products in different categories with multiple functionalities and various appearances. All of that had to be shown in the brochure we designed.

The brochure

As a final deliverable we had a big brochure showing all the information that was asked. We included a section about the business ergopanel AG itself and a separate section for all products. To every product we added detailed information about the functionalities and specific advantages. Furthermore, we showed all features in a clean rendering, so everyone understands what the different features are and what the products can be used for.

Also, there is additional equipment that can be purchased. We showed all of the available options of them.

See the brochure

Produktbrosch├╝re impressions