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Hoerportal24 Bedarfsanalyse

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The idea

The main idea of the needs assessment tool of hoerportal24 is to have an online tool that (potential) customers can use to check their need for a hearing solution.

The implementation

For this project we did no design work. Our task was to implement this solution. The focus for the implementation was flexibility. Questions have to be exchangeable as easy and effortless as possible. That meant we had to use our software development skills to implement a solution that fulfils all our client's requirements.

The platform also of course needs to be expandable. Hoerportal24 should be getting bigger and bigger over time and therefore more tools need to be created the longer the platform exists. The owner of hoerportal24 and we, are in a very happy client-agency-relationship and we are more than happy to continue working together on the new project already!

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