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Since the analysis page of the Hoerportal24 page became successful and the work with the Hoerportal24 team went very well for both sides, the main page was finally also redeveloped by us, the UX Agency.

The webdesign was made by the Hoerportal24 team themselves - since they have their own UI Designer on board - before they approached us with the request for the development of the website.


The landing page has multiple interactive elements that guide the users through the range of products and services the Hoerportal24 from Ingolstadt has to offer. Depending on the options the user chooses different results or further pages will be shown and the users' journey run separate ways.


Additionally to the landing page topic pages are part of the main page project. These topic pages include overview pages and details pages for the different contents.

Also here a very individual approach was created by the Hoerportal24's designer. The site interaction was also successfully implemented by us, the UX Agency. The Hoerportal24 team has the possibility to add, edit and remove multiple content blocks themselves. Of course they can also add the interactive elements that were created for the landing page before to create the best possible user experience.


One main element of the main page of the Hoerportal24 is obviously the lead generation. Therefore contact forms for sending mails, requesting calls and a lot more were implemented. Individual Spam filters were implemented that function without further plugins for an increased privacy.

Furthermore, the users get a chance to request free information in the form of PDF-files via mail easily.

Overall the site was designed to attract new customers and the UX Agency made a client happy once more!