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Katharinen Gymnasium Ingolstadt

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It all began with a student project...

During the previous school year one class was working on many topics about one painting inside the M├╝nster church in Ingolstadt. This information was printed on the pages of the box that we have built.

In addition to the analogue book and the box we created one digital add-on for each topic. It can be accessed easily by the users via the QR code on each page.

Christopher Wittmann as a lecturer at the Katharinen Gymnasium Ingolstadt

To support the pupils and educate them on the UX workflow and other principles of UX Design, Christopher Wittmann was at the Katharinen Gymnasium in Ingolstadt multiple times. During this time he managed to teach the pupils the main principles of UX Design and other topics related to graphic design.

Finally publishing the finished product

The box that we have created for the Katharinen Gymnasium, which they wanted to publish at the M├╝nster in Ingolstadt, was then set up on the 21. of October in 2022. We are very proud of the final result. Also our client was more than happy with it and we are looking forward very much to the next project that we will do together!

The construction made by the UX Agency

The concept and construction was mainly made by the UX Agency. The biggest challenge probably was that the box had to stand on stairs. It obviously had to be stable and must not be distracting in any way. Since the church has many grey elements like flag posts in it already we adapted to the visual guideline so the box fits in well.

Finally setting up the box in the M├╝nster Ingolstadt

Created with joy by us:


Christopher Wittmann

Founder and Owner


Sabrina Schmidt


Published on: 21.10.2022 | Last time updated: 15.12.2022