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Lauble Workplace Performance

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First meeting

Before we can do anything for any client we will do a detailed analysis for you. "What are your values?", "What are your goals?" or "Do you know your main target group, yet?" are questions we asked Martin Lauble during our first meeting. Based on the results we can collect lots of information we need to deliver the best results in the end.

Persona & Content analysis

The results of the analysis phase were the persona "Mike Macher", "Sabine Selbst" and "Erik Einrichter" who represent the main target groups of Lauble Workplace Performance. Based on that, it was easy for us to create the information architecture or content structure for the new webpage.


To create the best design as possible, we soon started to evaluate first design ideas by creating three Designbeams that showed different design directions. Martin Lauble decided fast in which direction the design should go and based on that, we created the final screendesign.

Concept and Webdesign

Before we created the screendesign, we had to create a wireframe concept for the website. These wireframes are a grayscaled design with no real images or texts, so it only represents the overall concept. Once that was done we were able to combine the Designbeams and the concept to create the final visual design for the website.


For Lauble Workplace Performance we also chose our favourite Content Management System again which has been proven by many clients as the best CMS they have ever had. It combines flexibility and simplicity for Lauble Workplace Performance!

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