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Magnifica Homes

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Magnifica Homesin Paraguay

During this summer we were contacted by a business in Paraguay. They are selling plots and houses to people from around the world.

We as the UX Agency were contacted so we will create a brand and a website for the project.

Branding from Ingolstadt inGermany for Paraguay

The competition of magnification homes has mainly houses as a logo since they want to communicate that they are creating houses. We, the UX Agency team, decided to choose a different approach for the Magnifica Homes team. The slogan we chose was "Relax and unfold in Paraguay" and this slogan perfectly matches the logo we designed.

Logodesign for Magnifica Homes

The logo had to work perfectly together with the slogan that we had chosen. They were created simultaneously and hand in hand with each other.

In our opinion the best logo that could be chosen for the project was a butterfly. Everyone loves butterflies and they perfectly match the elements that had to be communicated through the brand Magnifica Homes.

With the branding we (together with our client) went even so far that the entire plan of the map of the park was designed in the shape of a butterfly. All plots, ponds, streets and so on were designed so that the entire park looks like a butterfly from the top view. Imagine how awesome it will look on a map when a butterfly is visible in the map from a satellite perspective!

Webdesign fromIngolstadt for Paraguay

The webdesign we created for the Magnifica Homes team was designed in a way that it makes people imagine the freedom they can have in Paraguay in their own home.

Show Houses

One important aspect that had to be presented on the website were the show houses that are available for sale (together with plots) in the Mariposa Parque.


The Magnifica Homes team does not only sell plots and houses - they also offer many other services like property management, landscaping and interior design.

Webdevelopment for Magnifica Homes

The development of the Magnifica Homes was also made by us, the UX Agency team, again. We are very proud that the first international project was successfully published.

For this implementation we also worked with the CMS of our choice. We have successfully published over 25 websites and platforms and have received only positive feedback so far.

If you also want to have such a high quality website feel free to get in touch with us.

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Published on: 30.11.2022 | Last time updated: 12.12.2022