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The idea

The idea of the platform was to show students all the possible partner universities, summer schools, companies and internships that are available in the THI partner program.

Student project

The project move was a student project that was created by UXD students from THI. Christopher Wittmann was one of the students working on this project. In the end one design idea was selected out of multiple proposals. The project was evaluated by THI internally and in the end, they approached the UX Agency for developing the platform.

Visual Design

The main part of the visual design was provided by THI already. However, there were some requirements that needed additional adjustments to the overall concept and the visual design. Also, the mobile design was missing. Therefore we - the UX Agency - created the final design that was then implemented by us.

The implementation

Once all technological requirements were collected and the design was finalised, we approached the topic again and started the implementation of the move platform. Of course, we chose our perfectly usable CMS again and made THI employees very happy as they can manage everything as easy as never before. On the other hand they have the biggest flexibility, now!

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