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Making a business a brand

Founding a business is easy... Everyone can do that but establishing it as a brand, is very difficult! And this is where the UX Agency begins. You as our client are in the focus of the branding - together with your customers and users - we will visit you early in the creation process, to get to know you and your business. Every business has a story that needs to be communicated. A perfect logo, slogan, tagline, corporate design, corporate identity and the overall communication with everyone inside and outside your business is an essential factor to your success!

Together we move forward to writing your story and making your brand known by everyone you want to know about it!

A brand is a lifestyle

The elements of the branding we listed above, like the logo-design are only a part of the branding. Every brand needs to live! Your employees need to believe in the same core values, as those the brand represents. And therefore the brand needs to become a lifestyle, that employees and customers can identify with and want to move on to others who are not yet a fan of the brand that we, the UX Agency, created for you!