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Making other people happy is the core motivation of everyone working in the UX Agency.

Putting the users in the focus

To make you as our client happy, we need to put your users (who will be your customers in most cases also) in the focus of the entire project. Only then it is possible to fulfil their needs and bind them to your business! If they experience joy before, during and after using your solution they are more likely to return to you and become loyal customers!

Creating an experience

To make them happy and returning customers they need to have an experience as a user. This can only happen when the solution was created with the UX workflow and the User Centered Design Process. This process is the foundation of UX Design. In the beginning we need to get to know your users and customers so we know the target group. Then it is time for creating first prototypes which will be evaluated with the users before the design is finished and the product, software or service gets developed.

A software is not always the best solution

Due to cost reasons often a software is the chosen solution, as the production costs are low compared to a product. But often the users want to have a product as it fits their needs better. This is why we will not force the project to be a software based project - even though we are very good at it - but will suggest you to create a product, if the user research has shown that this is the best way to go.

Happiness into people's lives!

"We design happiness into people's lives" is the slogan that we have for our work at the UX Agency. It is not only our duty to make you as our clients happy, but also to make your customers and users happy as this will make them a returning customer, which is the kind of customer you will love!

UX Design from Ingolstadt

Like all our services the UX Design will be done in our office in Ingolstadt in Bavaria. Everyone in the team working on projects has experience in the field of UX Design and knows how important it is to put the users in the focus of every project.