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Video shootings

Thanks to our professional video shooting equipment, whether we talk about lighting, cameras or gimbals. We will have all the equipment that is required to make your video shooting become an awesome time, so you get the video footage that you need for post production. Our approach is to get the best footage straight from camera even before editing it, so that the editing process can be shortened as much as possible.

Video editing

For every professional video or movie, however, we are 100% sure that post-production is always a good way of improving the quality even more. Therefore we are experienced in video editing ourselves and can get you the most out of the recorded footage.


Obviously, the final adjustments that bring your video or movie to the perfect experience is to add animations and titles. Once the overall story was cut during the video-editing process we will add additional animations and titles whenever they are sensible, wished and add value to the person watching it.

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