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Web design project Impressions

The journey of being a web designer began for Christopher Wittmann - the founder and owner of the UX Agency - more than ten years ago, as a 14 year old student at the Katharinen Gymnasium in Ingolstadt. During this time he was designing some first websites like the one for the Pizzeria Cento in Unsernherrn. This website is still online today, several years later!

Professional web design for your business

Every agency wants to be a professional agency, but we know that we are what we are telling you! The approach we use is very unique as we have developed our own techniques and approaches to the topic of web design. We do not use pre-made templates and simply add your content to it, but we will design a website that represents you and your business!

You and your business are in the focus of our work. The goal that we are working towards together is to make your website's users - who will be your future customers - happy by giving them the information they need.

User Centered web design

Making the users of your website happy and bringing them your business as close as possible, so they will become your customers, is our goal. Therefore we put them in the focus of the web design process! The goals the users have need to be realised in the project. Obviously we also take care of common web design principles like "mobile-first".

This means, we will design the mobile website first to make it function properly on mobile devices so your potential customers can have a nice experience on these devices and on e.g. desktop computers as it is easier to fit all the contents from a smartphone screen on a big monitor. This is part of a smart web design.

Webdesign from Ingolstadt

Our office is in the heart of Ingolstadt and from here we will deliver you awesome websites for all around the globe! We have proven to create awesome webdesign projects in the past already and we are looking forward to adding you to our 100% happy clients!

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Published on: 12.12.2021 | Last time updated: 08.11.2022