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Web development Impressions

Individual web development

The webdesign and web development projects that we do for you as our client are all implemented for you individually! We use a special CMS that gives us the biggest possible flexibility and the chance to develop high quality websites and web applications. The solutions we develop for you personalised are also only implemented for you and your business and are not sold to anyone else but you.

Development of complex web applications

The CMS that we are using for our applications makes it possible to develop also complex web applications, like a configurator or a big analysis tool as all sites are developed by ourselves and only the content management is provided by the CMS. That means, we will not use pre-made templates and only fill them with your content... we will create everything for you individually!

Web development from Ingolstadt

All web development projects are fulfilled from the center of Ingolstadt where we will be available for you in our UX Agency office in the Münzbergstraße 8. Whenever you want to come by to see the current status, please, feel free to do so!

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