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how it works

The UX points are designed to make it as easy as possible for you do get small design and IT-services that come up from time to time over and over again. You get monthly UX Points upgrades and you can use them to get the services that you need.

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In order to find out how many UX Points you need on average per month: Please enter your yearly amount for the following services. We also do offer other services but these are getting exchanged the most.


Usability Testing

125 UX Points


10 UX Points

Content Creation

25 UX Points

60 Minutes of Consulting

15 UX Points

60 Minutes of maintenance

12 UX Points

UX Points consulting: 0



18 UX Points

Business Cards

13 UX Points


50 UX Points


30 UX Points

10 Minutes Video

75 UX Points

UX Points multi-media: 0

Total demand: 0

UX Points - FAQ

How much does a UX Point cost?

It is not possible to say how much one UX Points costs. It completely depends on the run time of the contract and the amount of UX Points that you need every month.

Can a UX Point expire?

No. The UX Points will not expire at any point of time. They will remain on your business's account until you use them.

How many people get access to the platform?

You can have as many user accounts as you need for your business. Also you can manage multiple businesses at the same time with only one user account.

Can all users exchange UX points for services?

No. We can adjust the user rights so not everyone can order new services.

What if I ran out of UX Points?

The moment you run out of UX Points you can gain additional upgrades at some point of time during the month.