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What is the UX Agency Job analysis?

Die UX Job Analyse ist ein einfaches Tool, welches den Bewerbungsprozess vereinfachen soll. Durch ein paar simple Fragen kannst Du herausfinden ob wir Dir die passende Stelle anbieten können. The UX Agency Job analysis tool is the beginning of our application process. It makes the process for you and us easier. By answering some simple questions (we don't store you answers until you send them) you are guided through the information that is important to us.

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The application process

The application process we have chosen is actually very easy. You simply go through the analysis you can begin at the top of this page. In the end of the analysis we will generate an e-mail that you can send to us. It is important that you add some more information to it. The main characteristics that we require from you are, however, in it already.

Send us a portfolio

We are working in the creative business. That means you must send us a portfolio with some of the work that you have made in the past already. It does not matter if you are applying for a creative or design job or for a job in the software development business. Show us what you have worked on in the past so we are thrilled to get to know you personally.

Meet us in person

Once we have gone through your application and are interested in getting to know you, we are going to invite you to meet us personally. In this interview we are going to find out, how we could work together so you have a pleasant work place at the UX Agency.

Christopher Wittmann

Don't be afraid to send us your application. I am looking forward to going through your portfolio and getting in touch with you!

We are always looking for new members in the UX Agency. Simply send us you unsolicited application and we are going to get in touch with you.