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Hero Image Escape Room - Team Event of the UX Agency Ingolstadt

Escape Room - Team Event of the UX Agency Ingolstadt

Since Edgard, our current intern, is working on a project that is related to escape rooms, Chris decided to invite the entire team to a team event in an escape room in Ingolstadt. Edgard, Sabrina and Chris spent one hour together in the escape room and almost managed to solve everything!

Mission Impossible Escape Room in Ingolstadt

The escape room that we did, didn't only improve our knowledge on escape rooms - no-one of us has done one before. It also brought us even closer as a team and made us laugh quite a lot. And this is what it was mainly about: Having some fun time besides working in the UX Agency together.

In the end we were not able to escape the escape room, but as it turned out it was one of the more difficult ones they offered. When the time was over the staff told us that the results and our approaches were really good for the fact that it was the first escape room that we did.

All in all we had an awesome time and are looking forward to our next team event! If it will be another escape room, then we will escape it - guaranteed!

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Published on: 29.04.2022 | Last time updated: 13.09.2022