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Title Image for Pflegedienst Irina Jakobi

Pflegedienst Irina Jakobi

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Returning client

Since the branding of Jakobi Wohnbau went perfectly well, the owner's mother, Irina Jakobi also decided to hire the UX Agency as the one doing the branding for her. The tasks we did were basically pretty much the same. The owner of the care service had no branding at all. So it was our job to design the perfect brand.


In the beginning of this project we did lots of research on the competition in the area around Ingolstadt. There are some other care services that are established brands already. That means, we had to find a spot where we can enter the market.

Once we knew everything about the market we did our usual procedure. We spoke to our client and got insights into the values and the business ideas. What is it that makes Irina Jakobi's care service special?

The logo design

Every business must be able to tell a story about the logo. But before we can begin with the logo design we of course created some Designbeams based on the values we have been informed about before. After going through the Designbeams and choosing one, we created the logo and the story for it.

The logo story

The main story behind the logo is, that Irina Jakobi's care service is the root of the plant which is above the name in the shape of three leaves. The leaves represent life. The waved shape of the leaves represents movement and makes the logo more alive, which is what the care service wants to represent - people who are alive and happy!