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App design Impressions

App design for your business

Thanks to our focus analysis, that we will do together with you before we begin with the project, we will know in which direction we should go with your application. There are multiple approaches on how to get started with one. The most important aspect, however, is to follow the UX workflow.

Branded app design

The one path that we can take for your project is to create a branded application where we focus on your business only and create a design that includes specifically your branding. We focus not only on the operating system (OS) guidelines of Android or iOS but adapt everything so the app represents your business entirely!

Native applications

A native application is implemented for a specific operating system and it is sensible to use the UI elements that are provided from the system already without modifying them too much.

The best approach, however, will be to implement a native application with branded elements so that the application visually represents your brand. But from an interaction perspective it is easier for users to interact with native elements they know from other applications.